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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Ed C Joseph is multi-faceted, with expertise as CFO for $202 million school budget as district administrator (RSDA), IT cyber security expert/hacker (CISSP, CEH), and ABA behavior analyst at Rapha Binah. As a social entrepreneur he founded GF Advisory specializing in business behavior analytics and marketing growth solutions, search engine optimization (SEO), helping individuals and small businesses actualize functional and economic success. He holds Master of Professional Studies in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and expertise in Autism as NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA), Post graduate in organizational behavior management (OBM), MBA in Finance, Advanced Degree in Educational Administration,  B.S. in computer science; 3 Associate degrees in electrical and IT networks.

His research interest is Verbal operant intraverbal: for improving communication, pivotal, generative social functioning and emotional reciprocity to people with autism (ASD), mental health, behavioral disorders and intellectual disabilities for functional, adaptive social-success.

In his spare time, Ed explores to understand functional relation of metaphysics, cosmology and money as an applied-behavioral-scientist researcher. And loves to share words! He is empathetic of LGBTQ (Gay Straight Alliance) community! Connect at